Pins Cottage

Surrounded by huge pine trees, it provides comfort and tranquility. The location and views of the lake are perfect to relax.

Charron Cottage

Rustic, all wood with its red roof, it offers a warm and comfortable appreciable, with a sunset breathtaking!

Émile Cottage

Built in 2012 on the lake 31 miles in honor of my father Emile. A retreat for the comfort, luxury and tranquility.

Refuge des amoureux Cottage

Located near Thirty-One Mile Lake, this modern and luxurious cottage is the perfect romantic getaway!


Discover tranquility in the heart of nature only 60 minutes away from Gatineau.

Experience a unique getaway surrounded by comfort, tranquillity and serenity in one of our four waterfront cottages.

Our website allows you to visit each cottage and check available dates as well as obtain rental information and more. Every request for information will be answered.

Every client is important, and we strive to deliver the highest customer service and satisfaction. We look forward to seeing you during your next stay with us!

Thank you for your interest in our vacation rentals.